Dyeing vintage silks

It has been so long since I blogged that I feel I need to do a “bridging” story.  That is, something that connects  my last post on my work in Stitched and Bound (see some photos at https://waquilters.com/2017/07/21/stitched-and-bound-2/) and my recent activity.

The connection is natural dyeing of vintage (aka old and used) silks, cottons and linens.

First, here is an image of my piece Windfall Wrap which was juried into S&B 2017.

Stitched and Bound Windfall Wrap full

Windfall Wrap, 2017, 60cmx176cm,silk, linen and cotton. Image by Josh Wells Photography,

The vintage fabrics came my way via a WAFTA “Spring Fling” – an artist in residence  fund-raising stash sale.   WAFTA is the Western Australian Fibre and Textile Association   (http://www.wafta.com.au). I am a proud member of it.

Naturally I cleaned out my stash to contribute to the sale.  Equally naturally, I bought more than I’d contributed (well, that’s probably an exaggeration but I did bring home a lot of stuff)

A prescient WAFTA “Spring Fling” organiser assembled a lot of the donations into bags of fibres and fabrics suitable for dyeing. I bought several bags, some filled to the brim with cotton and linen fabrics (mostly used clothing) and some stuffed with delicate and no longer usable silk garments.


These much washed garments got yet another thorough wash at my place…


Windfall Wrap detail, sleeve placket included.


Windfall Wrap detail, shirt pocket included.

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  1. lindastokes11 says:

    Loved your piece Margaret!

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