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New Years Eve for this Grandma

Nothing exciting happening here tonight.  The grandson and his friend are indulging in an X Box game bought this afternoon with one of his Christmas gift vouchers (while I was doing the grocery shopping of course). I have chopped everything … Continue reading

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Dill dyeing in a jar

It is almost always time to prune the dill.  It’s rampant.  So at this last trimming time, early in November, I stuffed a handful of the tiny leaves into a small jar with a small piece of silk and tap … Continue reading

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Dressmaking: another knit top

Here’s what I did with the second piece of fabric acquired at the Fibreswest garage sale last October. I used the same “pattern” as the previous one but made several more changes. Ran it up very quickly.  This is the … Continue reading

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Dressmaking: a Fibreswest fabric

I don’t usually make my own clothes.  However, at  Fibreswest in October this year in Northam , Western Australia, the “garage sale” yielded some beautiful fabrics.  i got two metres of a gorgeous knit for A$5. Tonight seemed like a … Continue reading

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Sarong transformation

My Friend Anne Williams showed me how she makes batick sarongs into relaxed cotton shirts last Friday at a WAFTA meeting. So I made one from a sarong I bought many years ago.  I do have some newer and more … Continue reading

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More rhubarb

Just a quick post to show how pre-soaking casuarina leaved in iron water affected their colour on the fine wool. I used the same materials and the same folds, simmering for the same period.  This piece with the spiky shook … Continue reading

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