Stitched and Bound!

Yesterday I blogged about giving a short lesson to members of WAFTA on natural dyeing and eco-printing.

What do I  do with all the fabric I produce?

Today I am recording my absolute pleasure at having had my entry into Stitched and Bound 2017 selected by the jury! Stitched and Bound is, as the title suggests, a quilting exhibition but over the past few years the criteria have been broadened to feature a wide range of textile art works that no longer have to be “bound” and only need to comply with  a requirement that somewhere in them there are two layers held together by stitch.  You can read all about this year’s exhibition here.

Stitched and Bound preferred detail of Windfall Wrap

A small detail…

I can’t show you the whole work of course until the exhibition opens.  It is a 2m long piece called “Windfall Wrap“.  The name comes partly from the fact that I have coloured and printed the fabrics with  plant materials found on the ground in my local wetland during my walks.  The other “found” element is that many of the fabrics are recycled, even vintage, linens, cottons and silks.   These fibres take natural dyes beautifully when they have been washed lots of times. The wrap is designed to be worn with either side showing and is also semi-transparent, allowing light to come through.

14 July can’t come soon enough.  I am so looking forward to seeing all the innovative work in other entries at Zigzag Gallery in Kalamunda!

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6 Responses to Stitched and Bound!

  1. Congratulations Margaret. That is fantastic news. 🍂😁🌿 I can’t wait to see it!!

  2. lizarnold28 says:

    Congratulations Margaret. It is an absolutely beautiful piece worthy of exhibition – and wearing to the opera or other posh do 🙂 Shame you won’t be able to wear it to the opening!

  3. Bernadette😊 says:

    Congratulations Margaret, what fun! I remember when you were saying you didn’t think you were very creative and didnt really know where your niche was….seems a long time ago……

    • Margaret Ford says:

      It must have been a long time ago since you have been gone from us in WA for quite a while Bernadette! We miss you! I still don’t think I am as creative as you or a number of others I know in the textile art world but I may have found a niche in the endless surprises of bundling plant material with natural fibres! It’s addictive!!!

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