Felting the cat for Christmas

My cat Sam is a blue point Rag Doll. So he has a lot of very fluffy fur that he sheds generously every day and everywhere, even more so in Summer, which is now.

This is Raggelida Sampson aged 5 years.

The deposit below is typical of Sam’s output over a few hours of napping. This occurred this past Winter when he slept without authority on a skirt I was making. The skirt was never finished.

I have a very small house so have no room for a traditional Christmas tree. Instead I have a Scandinavian-inspired wooden dowelled “tree” which has many hand made decorations on it. It also features pieces I’ve acquired on trips outside Australia. Some of the hand made ones have been made by me; some were given to me by other makers, including family members. Many of them are at least twenty years old. So the tree is a bit special. This is what it looks like this year.

All my family members are represented by at least one decoration. Except Sam.

So, since his fur felts very readily, without even requiring any water, I collected enough to make three small “balls” by rolling the fur in my palms.

Adding a few beads and crocheting a hanging loop gave me a little piece of Sam that could join the tree.

Note: Sam is not pink. The colouring is from red food colour which is very easy to do on protein fibre. The beads are recycled from an old necklace.

I wish every one a very happy holiday season with their pets/families/mates….

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2 Responses to Felting the cat for Christmas

  1. Stephanie Knudsen says:

    Love it Margaret, as I have two ginger boys I wouldn’t even need to colour mine ha ha
    Happy Christmas to you

  2. Ginny O'Keeffe says:

    how unusual, I could do that but I wont. LOL.However I love you tree and next year will make a smaller one to hang many of the objects which are cluttering my kitchen shelf. Happy Christams xxx

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