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Christmas gifts

Somehow the year is coming to a rapid end.  Especially as I plan  an overseas trip for the first three weeks of December! I don’t usually inflict my manipulations on people but this year I thought, probably in error, that … Continue reading

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Exhibition Opening 3: Catering- What Works?

The Story So Far Recapping the two previous blogs on this topic: serve  6-8 clean and tiny things per person over two hours. Inclusiveness It’s time to think about vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs, dairy intolerances, and whatever else manifests itself in a … Continue reading

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Exhibition Opening 2: Catering- How Much and What Not To Serve?

Picture this:  It’s opening night and the best art piece in the show is a long, suspended, drift of silk, painstakingly resisted with stitch, and dyed in several dye baths. As it wafts on the currents of enthusiastically breathed oohs … Continue reading

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Exhibition Opening 1: should we serve food?

There’s nothing like Exhibition Opening Night (or Day). So you’re having an exhibition.  You and the other exhibitors and their supporters will have been toiling away for ages.  First you had to organise a space for the exhibition.  (that’s a … Continue reading

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A Coreopsis Opportunity

A couple of weekends ago WAFTA ( was invited to an Open Garden in Victoria Park here in Western Australia.  The organisers had the foresight to ask us  to complement the beautiful garden beds with demonstrations of how fabric can … Continue reading

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Dyeing vintage silks

It has been so long since I blogged that I feel I need to do a “bridging” story.  That is, something that connects  my last post on my work in Stitched and Bound (see some photos at and my recent … Continue reading

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Stitched and Bound!

Yesterday I blogged about giving a short lesson to members of WAFTA on natural dyeing and eco-printing. What do I  do with all the fabric I produce? Today I am recording my absolute pleasure at having had my entry into … Continue reading

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