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It’s time for an update. Lots has happened since I penned the bio below when I started this blog in 2013.  For a start I got older-looking. See image above.


Margaret Ford Photography by Josh Wells

Margaret Ford Photography by Josh Wells










After many years of “playing” and the accumulation of a lot of techniques as well as the ubiquitous large stash,  I have resolved to have a go at producing some real textile art.  I have no art training but lots of great friends and fellow members of textile organisations such as WAFTA, WAQA, SAQA, FeltWEST, the Surface Design Association, etc., to be inspired by.

In particular, three friends and I have recently formed MELD to work towards a group exhibition in 2014.  MELD stands for Margaret, Elizabeth, Louise and Julie (Devereux). Our resolve to provide mutual support is what’s pushing me to achieve my 2013 goals.

With a background in biological science and a long career in public administration I feel ill-equipped to become an artist, but, hey, isn’t that what late-life crises are about? *****

*****Success is the child of audacity. Benjamin Disraeli

While I’m into clever quotes I’m hoping that this one from Horace (the poet and satirist one not the knitted one)*** does not apply too often to my work!

Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus : The mountain laboured and gave birth to a ridiculous mouse (Horace, 65-8BC)

***see my first blog in Dec 2012.


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