WAFTA In-Tension

The 2011 Western Australian Fibre and Textile Association’s exhibition was called In-Tension and the requirement was for works that were “black, white and/or bold”, reflecting architectural themes, and 2m x 1m in size. I chose to design a stained glass window along the lines of those made by Frank Lloyd Wright.  I used undyed  and hand-dyed cottons with purchased black cotton fabric. The black supports around the glass are torn fabric in an attempt to mimic the rough edges of the iron.

The exhibition was held in the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Henry Street, Fremantle.

Intension my work small

This is only part of the work. Photo is by Eva Fernandez.

InTension Final 2 006

The way the In-Tension pieces hung at theMoores Gallery, Fremantle

How the works were hung at the Craft Fair in May 2012
How the works were hung at the Craft Fair in May 2012

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