More plant dyeing

This a post that is more for documenting my experiments of today than to arouse responses like “Oh, gorgeous” or “You are so clever!”.

When “you’re on a good thing , stick to it”, comes to mind. I had  a day off and some dye pots already on the go.  Plenty of silk of different weights purchased in India.  Some  good dyeing material plus some unknown quantities, eg rosemary and sage from my garden.

Not much need for text here; let the captions tell the story.


Scrap of silk paj (6mm) steamed with Euc. cinerea and kangaroo paw roots


Heavier woven silk steamed with Euc. cinerea and red onion skin.  Euc. cinerea leaves seem to go green in the presence of onion skin despite being red in other circumstances.


A crisp but fine silk I bought in India (Delhi) steamed for two hours with kangaroo paw roots and Euc. cinerea leaves


Heavy woven silk steamed with kangaroo paw tuber and roots




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  1. louise708 says:

    Margaret, you are onto a good thing…keep going!

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