Margaret or Monet?

I had a lovely day with friends here yesterday.  It was like a group studio with Liz in the laundry dyeing yarn with fibre reactive dyes; Louise at the table designing  an entry into a brooch exhibition; and Julie outside with dye pots full of leaves and flowers  over hotplates!  I made a lot of  coffee and tea but did get plenty of time to experiment with some bits and pieces.

Some very old purple carrots came along with Julie and she was willing to share so I quickly bundled some slices up with other stuff.  I like the “Monet” effect!


Paj silk wrapped in purple carrot, kangaroo paw roots and tuber slices, various Eucalyptus species’ leaves and then steamed for two hours


A close up of paj silk and purple carrot showing the varying shades of blue and purple that emerged.


Another, larger, piece of paj with Euc. cinerea and purple carrot

Julie had given me a large bunch of Eucalyptus cinerea leaves for my birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed using them too.


Raw silk steamed for two hours with Euc. cinerea and kangaroo paw cuttings.


As above but pre-soaked in iron water


As above but with purple carrots instead of kangaroo paw

All of these pieces and others not shown have been washed and dried and ironed so the colours seem so far to be fixed.

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6 Responses to Margaret or Monet?

  1. Bernadette Aitken says:

    These are wonderful Margaret…will be interested to see if the purple carrot is fugitive….

    • Margaret Ford says:

      I have a few earlier pieces with purple carrot that have survived so far Bernadette, so I think it will be OK….

  2. Jane says:

    Some gorgeous results there Margaret 😃

  3. Rae says:

    Love these, Margaret. Donna & I have found a large Euc. Sideroxylon near us & have been happily bundling. Will post photos tomorrow.

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