Engagement of a Granddaughter

Readers will recall the births of the three “senior” grandchildren, that is, the children of #1 son:

#1 son's three beautiful children

#1 son’s three beautiful children

It’s fair to say that the eldest, a granddaughter (seen left in this childhood picture) has an independent attitude to life.  Her loving grandmother describes her as fearless, impatient  of middle class morés and “her own person”.  Physically, she bears this out.  She has a somewhat rigid carriage, as though her spine were wired stiff.

Her parents, who lived in a somewhat more sustained relationship with her than the grandmother would ever agree to, call her Attila.

Somewhat to her father’s surprise, a very large and quite capable looking young man has recently asked for her hand in marriage.  Never one to mince words (?a possible source of his difficult daughter’s personality traits) her darling dad replied “As long as you take all of her and not just the hand, you’re very welcome to her”.

Here is their engagement photo.  You won’t see it anywhere else as the bride to be’s venomous tail is all too apparent and no one is game to publish.

The scorpion granddaughter and her all embracing fiancé.

The scorpion granddaughter and her all embracing fiancé.

The parents of the bride draw comfort from the future groom’s large size.  They are hoping that his inclination to enfold her is not rewarded by his being eaten alive on the honeymoon.

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  1. louise708 says:

    I can see the book…then the movie

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