Je ne sais quoi: but it’s fun!

I love making fabric out of yarn using knitting and crochet plus hand stitch.

A recent request, in the context of an upcoming exhibition, to provide some background images of my work and perhaps some work in progress, prompted me to drag out a half- baked piece from the cupboard…

I stretched it over a square glass vase and rather liked the effect, especially when I added some loose motifs at the base.

Shaded freeform crochet and knitting motifs moulded over square glass vase
with additional motifs at bottom.
The bottom of the created “vase” where the thread is darkest
A detail of the bottom of the darkest section of the vase
The medium section of the vase in detail
Another detail of the “vase”.
The vase as it’s displayed…

I’m going to continue with this series. I’ll start with the WIP in the same bag as the above material.

I have no idea what this will turn itself into. But it will be fun!

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