Crazy Diamond Wrap

I love to make the patterns of gifted knit artists/designers. The Crazy Diamond Wrap pattern of Australian designer Ambah O’Brien ( intrigued me as it promised a complex-looking result from an “easy to work” pattern.

This time I ordered her pattern and chose to buy a “kit” of the recommended yarn. In this case it was a combination of 2 x2 skeins of a high quality fingering 100% merino yarn from Tasmanian company Louie and Lola (

I used two colours for my wrap
At this stage I wasn’t sure I’d make it all the way along the whole wrap…..
But I did. Here’s the proof. Blocking on the dining table…
A detail of the design: a bit I didn’t make a mistake in!

A frivolous image: it just looked good after blocking as it draped on the kitchen bench top!
As it’s meant to be worn…
Looks really good with dark denim jeans. I’d personally also add pearls

The only change I made to the pattern was to finish each end with a reverse double crochet stitch to make both ends look alike. Totally optional.

Now I need to check who might want it…..

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