Oh, What a Feeling!!

No, not Toyota***, but related.  I’m watching the first day of the Brisbane Test match Australia vs Sri Lanka.  As I start this blog the score is Sri Lanka 7/105, which partly accounts for my happiness.

In parallel, as one does in an attempt to justify sitting in front of the television for several days, I have embarked on a stash-busting project of serious dimensions. I am using as many of the reds and greys and black thick yarns as I can because I don’t have the space to keep them in and I don’t use thicker yarns much anymore.


Above: Just some of the chunky and lumpy and THICK yarns I need to get rid of….

I decided on a storage basket for my project; it seems an appropriate thing to make with unwanted balls of yarn.  Win/Win?  So the other reason for happiness is that my bag cum basket is using up the yarn at a great rate.  I am definitely not used to how much fabric one can make quickly with these thick and hairy yarns! Of course, the  10.00 crochet hook is helping.  It makes quite a change from a 0.75!


Above: It’s Sri Lanka’s first innings and they are 2/32 so I think I’ll keep going…


Above: It’s dinner and Sri Lanka is hanging on with its toenails.  I am running out of yarn but have remembered an old suitcase that might have some grey acrylic “stuff” in it.  The dinner break will hopefully give me time to find it.

1 (5)

Above: Sri Lanka is all out for 144. Success for the Aussie bowlers.  I also had a win.  I found some yarns in an old blue suitcase that are very suitable for my project.  You know the kind; the yarns that evoke a response of “What was I thinking?” when you find them lurking….

1 (7)

Above: A detail showing a case in point: the interesting light dots amongst the red towards the top of this image were made with a sleazy yarn called “Pamela’s Popcorn”.  Did I ask myself “What was I thinking?”. Yes, I did , but now I’m sort of glad I had it.

1 (6)

By dinner on Day 2, with Australia headed (slowly) towards a reasonable lead in its first innings, I finished this basket. It  made a bit of a dent in my reds and blacks, enough to empty a very full paper carry bag of yarn into it. Its permanent spot will be in the studio which is red, white and black.  I have the yarn for more.  Do I have the will? Perhaps not as we just lost another wicket which will make us  9/304.  Well, at least I have my basket…..

Late News: Just before I press the Publish button, Australia is all out but well ahead on the first innings. Maybe my national duty is to make another one over the last three days of the Test match?

*** In Australia the Toyota car company advertises cars which will allegedly make you want to leap unnaturally highly into the air while yelling “Oh What a Feeling!” I had one once.  It didn’t work for me.

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