Stash scrap helmet [or a beanie cover]

The brief: “Mum, I’d like a sort of hat that goes over the other hats. Neutral colours please.” For fishing and camping in the Snowy Mountains.

The design points:

*keep it simple


Rough sketch on scrap paper of an oblong piece that can be folded over and stitched into a hood shape. Add holes for a fastening strap.

*use stuff from the stash and choose thick yarns for warmth or at least DK weights that can be paired together as a chunkier yarn.


Thick neutral coloured yarns from the stash

*use crochet rather than knit stitches because the former use about a third more metres per unit area than the latter and therefore make a denser fabric.


Knitting comparison with crochet

Top: 3m of yarn crocheted. Bottom: 3m of the same yarn knitted. No. of stitches across was the same in both pieces.


*Block it before making up


It’s a bit hard to see the pins but here is the dampened oblong pinned to a polystyrene board

What actually happened:

*I ran out of neutrals and had to add some reds.  I hope it still meets with approval!

*Even with a doubling of thinner threads, I needed to add texture in those areas to add weight



The basic fabric is all (English) double crochet stitches but “bobbles” are worked on the tan  area and in the variegated area above it to add weight. 


A touch of jauntiness at the pointy top is probably going too far.  Instructions for removing them were included in the parcel!



The helmet can be buttoned or left loose with the strap securely threaded through a button hole on the other side.


Err…..perhaps a bit TOO boho?

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2 Responses to Stash scrap helmet [or a beanie cover]

  1. Totally fabulous in its simplicity and pattern. The tassel is so cute!!

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