Adding iron to an onion pot


This post is about two things.  First: the wonders of iron in a pot (thank you Jane Flower!).  Second: rose leaves (thank you Louise Wells for the latest batch!)

I am building up a store of silk with eco-prints for a project.  I am still using recycled silk where I can get it. Below is the (very short) sleeve of a much worn pyjama jacket. The impact of the iron in the onion dye bath is seen in the strong lines of the casuarina leaves and the dark green of the rose leaves.


Even a small collar is grist to the dyeing mill. It has taken the green of the rose leaves very well.

What intrigues me is the way the iron outlines the stalks without changing the green of the rose leaf prints! The images include yet another sleeve!

Finally here is one of those prints that is (to me) just poetry.  No specially clear prints;  just pattern and texture.  Like a painting.



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3 Responses to Adding iron to an onion pot

  1. I am really enjoying the results you are getting Margaret – there is so much magic out there to discover.

  2. Rae says:

    Great results, Margaret. Did you add a piece of old iron or some iron water?

    • Margaret Ford says:

      I added a lump of old rusty iron. I have just reboiled the same pot, added water and put in five more bundles, this time with a lot more iron water in the fabric before bundling. Cross fingers for the results!

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