Scissor Humbug

In preparation for the start of the build of my studio, I have been cleaning up the little room that is so stuffed with “stuff” that I haven’t been able to  make anything in it for years.


A “before” photo

An upcoming “Garage Sale” event to raise money for WAFTA’s ( artist in residence program has encouraged me to donate things that were too good to throw away and thus might otherwise have been kept. One such  treasure is a box marked “Small Kits”. Tonight I got it down from the shelves and before putting it into the “WAFTA” pile just had a peek……it is full of  little kits that I’ve bought on the spur of the moment, convinced that they are so gorgeous that I would be making them up as soon as I got home….

Of course, I never did.  But wait, this little Scissor Humbug by Helen Dafter is going to be quick to make.  I’ll just do it while waiting for the chilli jam to set.


Celtic Scissor Humbug with Emery Powder by Helen Dafter

Don’t worry, there are plenty more untouched and complete kits in the box and I’m definitely putting them in the sale….


A selection of the scabbard, tassel, trapunto and other whimsical kits for the WAFTA garage sale


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