Dressmaking: another knit top

Here’s what I did with the second piece of fabric acquired at the Fibreswest garage sale last October.


John Kaldor knit fabric modelled on a T-shirt, lengthened and with a cross cut yoke

I used the same “pattern” as the previous one but made several more changes. Ran it up very quickly.  This is the kind of sewing I like!

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3 Responses to Dressmaking: another knit top

  1. louise708 says:

    Love the fabric and style of dress. If you keep this up you will soon be sending the local boutique out of business 🙂 Have you mastered the overlocker?

  2. Margaret Ford says:

    No, donated the overlocker to the Fibreswest garage sale. Only using the Pfaff stitch range.

  3. lizarnold28 says:

    Looks great Margaret. At least when you make your own sleeves are easy to find 🙂

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