Finally! IVF produces a REAL result


In a previous note I observed that our grandparents were walking on eggshells as their daughter and her “a little bit fancy” husband

Daughter selects a mate

Daughter selects a mate



tried repeatedly to have a child via IVF.

Grandma has been watching the news and knows that there is some controversy over the claimed success rates of the IVF industry.  [see]

She’s been reluctant to discuss this with her daughter as she didn’t want to elevate existing hormone driven levels of anxiety.

She need not have worried.  The young people have “gone for broke” and had three embryos implanted.  Amazingly** all have resulted in pregnancy and a delivered baby/babies.

The commodities, aka babies, are pictured below.

The grandchildren of the third daughter

The grandchildren from their daughter


**editorial comment made in ignorance and not intended to prejudice future business operations.

Whether these three will play nicely with their second cousins is still to be determined. If looks are any indication, they’ll be OK.  ARE looks any indication?

Stay tuned.


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3 Responses to Finally! IVF produces a REAL result

  1. louise708 says:

    Love it Margaret!

  2. Julie Devereux says:

    You are very entertaining Matgaret! And the new editions look great!

  3. lizarnold28 says:

    I hope you’re considering a self-published case study book for this family…. 🙂

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