I present a new grandmother!

Drum roll!!!!  This lady is now a proud grandmother:


Now she's a grandmother.

Now she’s a grandmother.


Her eldest born son, the one who married the somewhat stolid leafess (see below right),

#1 Son takes a wife

#1 Son takes a wife

has in a very short space of time produced three interesting children, each only slightly different from his/ her siblings (girl , boy, girl in that order):

#1 son's three beautiful children

#1 son’s three beautiful children

Fortunately their mother passed on her striking colouring and markings but not her generous stocky shape. [I’ve been asked to say discreetly that they are aware that child #3 is looking a bit raggy around the edges but she’s growing so quickly that she’s running out of collagen; her connective tissue is going to need some repair work/boosting  once  adolescence is over.   Well that’s a relief !  I look forward to presenting an elegant, sophisticated young woman once her parents secure that reverse mortgage to finance her cosmetic surgery.]

It’s definitely been a period of great excitement for both the grandparents as their second son and third child , seen here with his chosen life partner (aka “the curvy one”):

The boy baby of the family chose a really curvacious partner.

The boy baby of the family chose a really curvacious partner.

has also presented his parents with three babies:

Three gorgeous leaflings

Three gorgeous leaflings

The newest leaflings, two girls and a boy, were all born prematurely and are likely to be fitted in the future with various prostheses to enable  them to be self supporting.  They are definitely a handful for Grandma in their present state!  They will only get larger too.  However, at this point, doctors have rejected the grandparents’ offer to fund reconstructive surgery.

Our  grandparents have anticipated  queries about their daughter.

Daughter selects a mate

Daughter (right)  selects a mate

They have asked me to say only that she and her “a little bit fancy” husband are about to begin their seventh round of IVF.  They will go for broke this time with the implantation  of three seedlings in the hope of catching up with the brothers and avoiding  the bankruptcy which will inevitably follow any eighth course of treatment.  An announcement will be made as soon as there is anything to tell.

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4 Responses to I present a new grandmother!

  1. louise708 says:

    Margaret, what an hilarious start to my day! I can see a picture book here…

    • Margaret Ford says:

      Would you have read a book to your kids at bedtime about ugly children and the remedies contemplated by the parents?

  2. lizarnold28 says:

    Mendel knows not what he started in 1865! Bet his theory notes were nowhere near as entertaining!

    • Margaret Ford says:

      No, but it’s even more difficult to anthropomorphise fruit flies that it is to do so with leaves!

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