Development Briefs: Ruth Hadlow Workshop

The take down of the Hidden Revealed Transformed exhibition ( has given me a pause.  A pause to reflect on where to next.

Felicitously, this pause coincided with the opportunity to do a workshop this past weekend which was sponsored by WAFTA* with Ruth Hadlow (

I got a lot out of Ruth’s advice.

We were encouraged to develop two or three “briefs” for further action.

I have committed to two briefs, or challenges.

Brief 1: Current practice and its extension possibilities: I am currently exploring crochet forms and their application to 3 D textile works.  How many variations on a theme can I make with a simple sphere if I vary thread, stitch and scale?  My task is to blog each week a sphere in crochet which varies the yarn , the stitch and the embellishment.

Brief 2: Exploration of drawing techniques:  I will explore a lot of ways of drawing a weekly leaf image , which I will select on a walk (in the interests of fitness!), and subsequently render that drawing in a sample of a leaf.

I will post the weekly results in this blog as either “Crochet spheres” or “Leaf drawing”.

*WAFTA = Western Australian Fibre and Textile Association Inc. (

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3 Responses to Development Briefs: Ruth Hadlow Workshop

  1. Marian Magee says:

    good to see you taking on two challenges. will be keen to see how it goes. good luck.

  2. marianmagee says:

    Nice to see you taking on two challenges. good luck with both!

  3. louise708 says:

    Great challenges Margaret! I look forward to seeing your progress.

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