Life imitating art

I went with friend Di Binns to the Artsource open studios in Midland today.  We got there early so looked in on the Farmers’ Market first.

Seeing this vegetable, I couldn’t resist buying it, if only for the photographic opportunity.  I think the vendor said it was a “Cathedral Cabbage”.  It doesn’t look like a cabbage; more like a cauliflower.  I’ve googled both and not got a hit so who knows what it really is?

What colour and texture is in this vegetable!!!

What colour and texture is in this vegetable!!!

"cabbage" detail

“cabbage” detail

Apart from gorgeous.  It’s so much more worthy of a place on this blog than anything else I’ve had anything to do with all week….

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5 Responses to Life imitating art

  1. It is beautiful! It’s known in the uk as a romancesco cauliflower. Although the ‘net also refers to it as a broccoli. Def cauliflower IMHO.

  2. louise708 says:

    Whatever it is it’s stunning! One of the many amazing design sources nature provides.
    Open studios were very interesting, although I don’t think I could cope there without the luxury of air conditioning and heating…

  3. lizarnold28 says:

    Have you eaten it yet? It does look gorgeous.

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