Post Exhibition me

The WAFTA exhibition, Mysterium, opened last night.  I was so relieved that it went superbly well.  I should not have worried.  The exhibition committee headed by Di Binns had it all under control and I only heard good feedback on both the quality of the work and the venue. I tried not to speak too long but wanted to thank the members of the exhibition committee who brought it all off as well as Josh Wells, whose photographs made the catalogue a covetable item,  and Jude van der Merwe, who agreed to open it.

Although I’ve been blessed by a highly capable exhibition committee, I am nonetheless feeling a massive release of tension as I come to the end of an important October for WAFTA. After the AGM on the 15th, a special presentation with US stitch artist Ilze Aviks on the 18th, the Craft House Open Day with its Charity Boutique sale on the 20th then the WAFTA Mysterium opening on the 25th, I’m looking forward to a) recharging and b) making some work.


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  1. Linda says:

    Fantastic job by all involved Margaret. My daughter was at the opening & said it was wonderful – can’t wait to see it Sat.

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