For the final piece in the Red series, I made a background from the fabric and thread scraps of the earlier pieces using the embellishing machine and a piece of black acrylic felt. After stitching it to emphasise the perspective, I applied a black pseudo felt image derived from a copyright free image from the internet.

Here is the last of the Red series:


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5 Responses to FiguRED

  1. prudenceford says:

    I really like this one. You must be pleased to get them all done and to be able to clear away the red and move on (to the Bath Wall??)

  2. lizarnold28 says:

    This is my favourite I think Margaret. You’ve achieved a real sense of depth and perspective with the stitching and the use of tonal variations. There is also a sense of wanting to know the story associated with the person depicted.

    • Margaret Ford says:

      I know – it took me so long to do more than plonk a technique down! I like this too an dcan see what you mean!

      • Margaret Ford says:

        BTW, it must have been the artistically conducive surroundings in your studio! Thanks for printing the figure too!

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